It is common for Field Service organizations to require the tech capture a problem, cause and Repair code on a work order. These codes are then used to rank solutions from highest to lowest probable fix for any give problem. Cause is often then used to determine chargeability or to make recommendations to stop problems form occurring. for example a power surge caused a component to fail, the recommendation would be to add a power conditioner. As problem, cause and repair codes are captured a counter would be incremented to indicate how many time this repair code fixed the problem. Then on the WO they tech is presented with the repair codes and the ranking for any given problem.

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We have discussed adding this concept in the past and really like this idea. However, ideally, we would see this get more votes to ensure that this concept has broad appeal before we undertake the work to implement it.

Where incident type is a good way to highlight what the work seems to be, we also see these attributes as a way for a technician to categorize the work once they’ve actually visited the site and classified the true problem. This could subsequently be used for many purposes including assessing for chargeability, incident type analysis, entitlement application, suggested action, and more.



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Doing a Fit Gap for a Field Service solution, and this is a gap for D365 Field Service

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Need to be able to have multiple Problems/Symptoms, Causes, Repairs/Actions for a single work order

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