Customers that are performing "learn-try-buy" of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations are looking for more easy and low entry documentation, video's and hands-on-labs for the minimalized and simple tasks and operations.  Like:

- How to create and release a product.

- How to create a vendor.

- How to create a purchase order

- How to receive and pay an invoice.

The level should be minimized and based on the contoso dataset, and the audience is first time Dynamics 365 functional users, that wants to do self-training.  

We have already evaluated imagine academy available for Dynamics 365 customers, but the feedback have been that many of them are too advanced for first-time and entry users.  We also see a large quality difference between the DLP (Dynamics Learning Portal) and the customer source imagine academy.  More of the DLP should be made available on imagine academy.

More simplified Hands-on-Labs is also highly requested for our customers. 


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Hi Kurt


Have you used the task guides ? They are very short and introductional for a simple create a vendor, a product, a purchase order etc..



Best Regards


Mai Kirknel

Program Manager, Microsoft




Thanks Mai.  The Task guides are interesting, but it is still not what first timers are looking for.  I feel it still have some more work to be done in terms of performance, and setup.  In my system(update 11) I cannot just click help and get the task guides running.  I need to find the process in the task recorder tool to find one.Good old video's and Word based hands-on-labs still have a value.
Thank you for reviewing this idea.

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