while using the editable grid the search criteria doesn't work with string values however works fine integer values.

Error message:

"system.format exception was thrown while trying to convert input value with the " embedded overdue" to attribute incidents status code. expected type of attribute value; system.int32.acceptionraised;input string was not in a correct format

Detailed steps:
Login in CRM online latest version V8.2.1.341
1.Go to settings and click on customizations.
2.Expand entities and select case entity.
3. In the case entity form we will find the tabs (i.e. General ,Primary field, Control, Events)
4. Click on Control and add  control.
5. Select Editable grid and check web radio button under editable grid.
6. Save and Close
7. Publish all customization and refresh the CRM browser.
8. Next select service module and open case entity.
9. There we find "Show As" ribbon ,click on show as ribbon button and select Editable grid.
10.In the case entity  select "Status Reason" column.(if it’s not present add column)
11.In the "show item that match these value" field choose Equals and provide any string  (i.e. in progress, Problem solved..) value.
12. Click on OK button.


While using the inline editable grid the search functionality should work with the string values without any exceptions.


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Thank you for your feedback. We are declining/closing this idea as it has been open for more than 2 years and has not received sufficient numbers of votes. If the idea is still valid, request you to re-submit the idea.