Currently, it is not possible to sell multiple products with the same bar code at the POS. This is a retail industry standard requirement for day to day operations and is expected functionality.  It is a very common practice (especially in the wine and beer industry) to have multiple products that have the same bar code. In some cases, different vintages of wine have the same bar code, in other instances, it's multiple completely different products from the same brewery. When setting up bar codes for items, the system allows you to assign multiple items with the same bar code number.  However, when scanning the bar code at the POS, the first item found with that bar code is added to the transaction. This behavior does not align with the MS documentation ( Product identifiers - Supply Chain Management | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Docs ) -particularly this sentence, "You can maintain multiple bar codes by bar code type. You can even associate the same bar code with multiple products and then select the actual active association when you scan a bar code."The expectation would be that when a bar code is scanned that belongs to multiple items, a prompt is displayed for the cashier to select which item is being sold, similar to the variant selection.
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