When there is a Qty Discount [Buy 2 or More to Get 10% off] and Affiliation Discount [Staff Discount 10%] both are best price at same priority level.
Note: It cannot be an Exclusive as there can be other discounts required to be compounded at lower priority. The Retail parameters for concurrency model to be used should be Best price within priority and compound across priority.

Discount engine evaluates both the discounts and applies the only the Affiliation Discount since the percentage & amount is exactly the same. But Retailer has issues since they have negotiated with Brands for Qty Discounts for the specific period which needs to be claimed back. But if the POS applies the Affiliation Discount for Staff then it needs to absorbed by the Retailer.

Microsoft would need to address this issue on the Discounts since this involves commercial impact especially for Brick&Mortar stores that needs to account for the Brand discounts.
Category: Merchandising