Please allow the 90-day limit placed on sequences (when created and edited, or when later active) to be configurable by the environment admin.

Currently the 90day limit appears to be an arbitrary hard-coded decision by MS developers.

We have use cases where 90days is too short - and removing the lead from the sequence makes no sense (as the sales mgr is relying on the Sequencer to provide reminders to direct their daily activities, which it then wouldn't!). For example where a customer has an external or budgetary delay, or for contract renewal reminders.

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Fully agree to Kaveh's comment!

Category: Sales Accelerator


I second that. We thought the 90 days are related to the start date and mass changed the start date, but it had no effect.

Because of this the efficiency of our campaign has halved!

It's quite absurd not to mention this limit in any documentation, especially when it's hardcoded. The limit should be configurable for all entities (Accounts, Leads etc.).

Category: Sales Accelerator