Often it does not make sense to have all financial Dimension in one account structure for all ledger accounts. Normally account structures for account ranges (classes) will have to be made.

However, budgeting is only possible for one account structure. This means, Cost Accounting can not be used with plan versions and budgeting has to be done outside D365. It should be possible to Budget more than one account structure.

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Thank you for your feedback. We need some more details to understand your suggestion better. Can you please help us by answering the following questions?

Can you clarify a little bit on your requirements on using account structures and dimensions? We do have the ability to select the specific account structure for each budget register line. With what we have today, if you enable all dimensions as available for budgeting you can select two different account structures and budget for both. Was there something specific that didn’t work here for you?

You also have additional flexibility if you want to use the detailed budget planning module, but use here may depend on your reporting requirements.



Do we know when this option become available? Thank you

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Hope that MS will consider to enhance this feature. When I demo Budget module to clients they usually ask me this questions

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Hello Annaick,

Is your suggestion now possible because we have the same requirements :

- My Customer has several account structures and in budget control, it is only possible to assign 1 account structure.

They want to assign several account structures in its budget control.

Thank you,



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We had the same issue too with budget control and account structures - for example one of our customers has about 8 account structures and needs to implement budget control.  With budget control we need to select 1 account structure.  In our case, budget control had to be applied on 3 account structures in order to address the entire requirement of budget control.  It does not make sense to have the flexible option to implement multiple account structures then do not extend this flexibility to other areas of the system (such as budget control).  Customers find this hard to digest.

Also budget control should be allowed on other types of account apart from Profit and loss, expense and total accounts.  Companies budget and control the purchase of assets for example.

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As indicated in proposal


why do we need at all to specify "account structures" in budgeting? Actual GL entries are clearly defined based on main account and so it may be done for Budget register entries as well:

- Use dimensions based on those account structures as defined for that main account in the respective company,

- filter on dimenions as defined in budgeting.

Budgeting without main account does not seem to be feasible as in practise, main account or main account ranges still define the core Budget structure.

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To fit business requirement, several account structures are required on P&L accounts. But only one account structure can be selected.

This means that customer will have to choose where to implement budget control.


Based on main account purpose, some controls should be done on dimension Cost center only but other controls on Main account + Dpt.

As several account structures are created it is not possible.



Create account structure with only dimensions (no main account). (not possible today)

Add this account structure on budget.

Create budget dimension rules related to these dimension.


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