Client would like different columns in the column layout to be filtered by different budgets ... It's been awhile, but I believe Management Reporter has this capability native.

For example, client has typical budget called "BUDGET". When they run account schedule, they will choose the "BUDGET" G/L Budget filter. All budget columns will use the "BUDGET" filter ... however, client has also loaded a budget called "FORECAST", and they want one (or more) of the columns in the layout to use FORECAST as the budget filter.

Perhaps adding a Budget Filter field in the Column Layout record that would cause a column to use that Budget instead of the G/L Budget filter chosen when running the account schedule overview?

Only alternative at the moment is to run the account schedule twice (once using each budget filter) and then merge the results by hand in Excel.
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This has been delivered with the Wave 2, 2021 (October) release

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Apparently this will release in BC19, so better update this Idea?

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