Switching to a cloud ERP system is a significant change for a company.  We are used to the control mechanisms to on-premise solutions and these are often very different in a cloud platform.

One such innate control mechanism is “physical” access to the premises (or VPN) to access the ERP system. With the switch the D365F&O this level of control was immediately removed and there is 24x7 access to the system from anywhere in the world.

My proposal is to add time control modules to the user access controls.  This would allow for user groups to be setup to allow different time access modules.  For example, a standard user may only access the system from 07:00 to 18:00, but a System Admin could have access 24x7.

Additionally, to address the location of access a control via approved IP range would be a more advanced feature, but would allow access to the system to be limited to approved IP range for non-sysadmins with the ability to add users to a group that would let them connect from any IP address

For my direct needs the time control is important and critical.  The second point, IP address controls, is not as critical for daily work, but it would greatly improve security controls and attacks from unauthorized locations..

Needs Votes