When allocate cost for multiple voyages, it will show multiple voyages in the field of description instead of voyage id. customer expected if there any way did not combine the voyaged info together. Customer mentioned that the old- landed cost module support the function and user could add each vendor invoice journal line manually.

Business impact:

When show as multiple voyages, It is posting combining all into one transaction in GL and hard for customer to do reconciliation. Such as when try to check account balance, could not tell how much portion is belong to which voyage.

Business scenario:

Customer could not apply the work around to create separate voyage invoice journal for different voyages due to following scenario.

Scenario details:

We have three purchase orders for same Vendor from Australia. We may have 3 voyages. For the vendor know that the 3 PO is for the same customer, so the vendor will ship the 3 PO to the same shipping company. The shipping company will only give one invoice for it belong to the same customer, so we will only create one invoice journal for the 3-voyage cost.

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Thank you for your feedback. We will release this feature as part of the Landed Cost functionality in version 10.0.32.


Roger Sa

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Add more details:Test scenario for landed cost:Create vendor invoice journal and allocate cost for two voyaged for the same cost type code: Freight ( 20 for voyage 1 and 80 for voyage 2)We could see the journal line description updated to be multiple voyages in vendor invoice journal.Then we post the journal, after post, we are good to see one line updated to be 3 lines, there are two lines and we could see the allocated value 20 for voyage:00001 and 80 for voyage 000002.But when we see voucher, we could only see combined line for value 20+80. expected result:customer would like the voucher could be split with two lines, one line with value 20 for voyage 1, the other with value 80 for voyage 2.

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I need to correct above comment, it is not expected to generate different vouchers. It should be one voucher with different ledger line like the below: such as Dr 1050 voyage 1 FRT   800Dr 1050  Voyage 2 FRT 1200     Cr          AP vendor         2000

Category: Transportation Management


Customer expected that when the voyage cost not combined for different voyages in one vendor invoice journal, the voucher should also not be combined together, there should generate different vouchers for different voyage.

Category: Transportation Management