Our team is very concerned that the current Dynamics 365 add-in is being depreciated in Oct 2020 when the ability to track multiple emails at once has not yet been added to the replacement Dynamics 365 App for Outlook.

We communicate with our clients primarily via email with a long sales process, so each sale has a significant number of emails for us to keep track of. With the new App, if one of our sales people forgets to keep up with email tracking, it would take an extraordinary amount of time to go back and do this for each email one by one. We cannot set to automatically track all emails because that would cause an overwhelming amount of junk in our system and we also track all emails against the lead record which the system cannot do automatically (since an email can be associated to more than one lead).

Email tracking is the reason we went with Dynamics in the first place so this is a deal breaker feature for us. I really hope it will be addressed before October.
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Outbound email tracking is a critical feature for our firm as well. We would like to automatically capture outbound emails sent to contacts in our CRM.

Category: Email Management and Outlook Integration