Is there a setting on the companies screen anywhere to make it more difficult to delete a company? I am looking for a way to insure that someone does not accidentally delete their main production company when they are trying to delete a test company.
Maybe something that marks the company as a production company and would require at least an additional dialog box to confirm deletion?
It also might help in the dialog box if it specified the company name you are deleting.
We have not had this happen but the potential is there for a big mistake to happen.
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Thank you for your feedback. We are not considering the suggestion at this time due to the following reason:
  • Recommended suggestion to handle test companies would be to create those in a Sandbox environment, therefore the tests are always isolated from the production environment (albeit these are identical function wise). The Sandbox Environments are per se safe to delete and no error will lead to deletion of Production companies.
  • If Test companies are still created in Production, Permissions can be set to the table that stores the Companies, so you can set additional security on who's allowed to do the deletion and/or add Security Filters .


Tomás Navarro 

PM, Microsoft



Another simple idea would be a new Boolean field "Production Company" that could be set on companies inthe database. IF the user tried to delete one of these companies they would not be able to unless they manually uncheck the Production Company Flag. This would prevent accidental deletion and would be pretty simple to add.

Category: General