Beginning in January, California will require a receipt for charitable donations. Donations can be made today on an Adyen device, but the connector needs to call a "transaction status" API to retreive the receipt. This cannot be done through customization and requires a fix from Microsoft.


Adyen supports something called "Adyen Giving", which enables merchants to prompt customers for charitable donations after a transaction in which they pay with a credit card. In this scenario, after paying for the transaction, the customer is prompted to ask if they would like to donate to _____? If they want to donate, they select an amount, then tap their card to pay. The flow is entirely outside of Dynamics and can be supported out of box today.

In the US, charitable donations can be used as a tax deduction by presenting a credit card statement with the donation- as long as it is under $250. Over that amount and they need a proper receipt.

On January 1, California is introducing rules that govern charitable giving platforms. Those rules stipulate that a customer must receive a receipt for a donation regardless of amount. Adyen supports retrieving a receipt for a charitable donation by making a "transaction status" request. This request will return the result of the "Giving" flow on the device, along with the credit card receipt, if a donation was made. If Microsoft enables the "transaction status" request, then merchants will be able to provide receipts for donations at the point of sale and be compliant with California law.

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