I've been using the GP client deployment package creator for many years and it has been a life saver for many setups, as it helps expedite the base GP client setup.
Especially the option to define the location for shared dictionaries and Word Templates / Letters / Notes, as the regular GP setup doesn't even ask about this.. which is IMHO something that should be possible out of the box.

Also, I noticed that the latest GP build 18.2 has a bug, as despite of specifying the initial program location for the deployment package, it defaults to a GP2018 folder, which is not good of course.

What would be nice is the option to be able to package several ISV or 3rd-party chunk files (.cnk) to be deployed withe the same client package. I know that the "Updates" folder can hold any GP service pack to be deployed at the same time, but not sure this is valid for .cnk files.
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Please also update the ODBC DSN to properly reflect the product name of Dynamics GP without the GP2018 year designation.

Category: Platform - Installation