Today we have the ability to perform Folder-Level Tracking from an "Inbox" folder level.
Our Firm performs many mail merges thus hundreds of emails get "Sent".
1) We do not want to track every single email sent through server side sync so this does not work for us: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/orgdborgsettings-tool-for-microsoft-dynamics-crm-20a10f46-2a24-a156-7144-365d49b842ba
2) it would take too much time to manually track these emails and "set regarding"
3) if we choose to drag these "sent" emails into an "inbox" subfolder that is configured for folder level tracking, they ARE tracked ALTHOUGH the direction field is INCORRRECTLY as "INCOMING".
4) we need a way to "Folder-level" track Sent Items, (Including the Initial emails), recognizing the "From" field is of a System User and be sure they are correctly marked with the direction of "OUTGOING".