For each Line property you can decide if it is Chargebale Yes or NO - using a Line property in order type "Item requirement" system changes to status invoiced as soon as the delivery has been taken in full. However using the order type "order" for a project related order and delivery has been taken in full, the status of the appropriate Line is "Delivered" - and as it is per design, Lines with Line property Chargeable "No" will not appear in an invoice proposal - so those lines (and even the whole Sales order) will remain in Status delivered in all eternity!
The system should handle the property line exactly the way Chargebale Yes (Invoice proposal necessary to change status to Invoiced) Chargeable NO (with delivery status changes to Invoiced) not regarding which Order type was used for the appropriate Project order - please correct it to that behavior otherwise the radio button Chargeable YES/NO does not make any sense at all.
Important to know: I raised therefore a support request #2012110050000556 however Microsoft is in the opinion "It works as designed" - However in this case no Month closing/Year end closing will be possible because all those order lines will never get a financial date!
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