Recently, a number of Watch Dog rules has been detecting critical problems like service downs, site unavailability, or connectivity issues. And, now some of the rules seems to reboot the service automatically in order to mitigate the problems.

Customers/Partners have been getting to know the positive effects of this automated logic as the total service downtime has been getting shorter and shorter.

On the other hand, there are some obvious disadvantages of this Watch Dog automation system.
For example, if the services are rebooted by a Watch Dog rule during batch jobs are running, then those batch jobs are terminated unexpectedly, and customer/partner has to check which batch jobs succeeded and/or failed whenever service auto-reboot happens. That is so painful for them.

As an ideal goal, Customers and Partners are eager for something better by Microsoft to manage/resolve these critical issues that occur on D365FO environment, without having any unplanned service restarts.
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