The suggestion includes sales, Purchase and Intercompany.
We have "Company A" and "Company B" - connected trough Intercompany

Work in Company B:
"Company B" - sells goods to a "Customer" - and raise a Sales order.
As the Goods should be purchased from “Company A” but send from "Company A" directly to the customer. The item line will be marked as "Drop Shipment".

Then a new purchase order will be raised. As the delivery are set up so the goods will be send to "Customer".
[Here it would be nice - if I could raise the Purchase order directly from sales, when the item has a prefer vendor - if not it will make sense to switch to purchase and raise the purchase order select the vendor and the bind the purchase orderto the sales order]

The vendor is an IC vendor and I send the purchase order to the Vendor (Company A)

Work in Company A:
The goods will be sent to Customer as specified in the sales order in company A.
Then delivery, must somehow be inform to the sales team in Company B, so they can invoice the sales order.
I will not be able send the updated order from "Company A" back to "Company B" using IC but are forced to give this information in another way (manual process).

The optimal process would be that when I post the delivery from "Company A", the Purchase order in "Company B", would be updated with the delivered number of items, and the actual price.
So the sales order also will be updated and the sales order in "Company B", would change to Ready to invoice - goods delivered.

When company A post the sales order – it will send an Invoice to company B, a new Purchase invoice I raised.
Here the system should update the original raised purchase order – with the Invoice number from company A, then a setting could tell the system if the purchase order should be posted.

In the way you describe the process the companies must manually send documents – buy the IC function should remove this need between “family related” companies communicating with the standard IC function

Doing my time as partner consulate I have seen different partners build their own “IC” function to get the described functionality, instead of using standard.
So it would be nice that the IC module get a minor update ..

The described situation is a Production company A(Mother) - and their sales company B(subsidiary) , and a lot of orders float between the companies.
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this relates to the issue in sales:

Microsoft Idea (dynamics.com)

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