Customers are using the CRM/Financials integration, but they would like the ability to configure these integrations...partner is requesting we add the enable configuration for the CRM Integration

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Thank you for your feedback. We need some more details to understand your suggestion better. Can you please help us by answering the following questions?

Are you requesting ability to customize current integration (e.g. extend it with additional fields to be included in integrations) or enabling different authentication types to be suppored by integration so it connects to e.g onprem version of CRM? 


Ivan Koletic

PM, Microsoft



I agree, we need to be able to have custom fields (both sides) available to be mirrored on

BC Sales Order<>CRM Sales Order

Customers have unique fields that they would like to see and use in both BC and CRM and not have to manually enter from on to the other.

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To expand on this a little further...

I've had my first experience of implementing this in a Saas customer today and it has been frustrating. At least with on prem you could open the table from the development environment and change/add mappings.

You also can't add new mappings meaning that when creating Customers from CRM accounts there is no ability to use different Customer Templates. That means that Posting Groups (VAT most importantly) are filled in incorrectly.

Currency Code also doesn't come across from the CRM Account and there is no coupling between Countries in the 2 systems meaning you have to have the codes identical to allow bi directional mapping.

You also can't add new filters, only amend existing ones although this seems to be a wider issue with the web client.

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This is not a nice to have but a must have for most customers using both platforms. It would make it viable to use both on SaaS until CDS arrives for Business Central

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MS should provide the option to modify the default mapping as well as mapping new custom fields into the field mapping.

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Hi Ivan,

On behalf of Jen, I can explain exactly what needs to be done.


Currently the filed mapping is locked that you can not add a filter or a field or a table (Entity).

if you try to edit the list in Excel (Similar to Customer, Vendor...), it's locked and you can not do anything to change the values.


SO what we are hoping for is allow users to modify field mapping and filters to bring specific information vs everything.


Please feel free to call me or email if I can be of any assistance.




Tarek Chaker

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