A customer of us is heavily using product bundles. They act as a template, to configure the services, that shall be delivered to their customers.

The bundles contain multiple optional products and the users change the quantity and prieces of the optional products according their needs.

To provide a smooth experience to the CRM users, we activated the editable grid control with nested grid on the opportunity products and quote products and set prices to overriden by default. This means in an ideal world, they would only have to go over the list and change the quantities and prieces of the products within the bundles according their needs.

But unfortunately after each change, the grid or the whole record refresehes (due to auto save functionality in the nested grid) and the bundle is collapsed again. Some of their bundles have up to 15 different products, which means the have to expand the same bundle again and again for up to 15 times.

We opened a case for that, but got the information that this is "by design", but that there are more customers like us that have already claimed that issue. So we've been asked to open an idea, to hopefully get a solution for that.
Category: Opportunity
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