We are currently facing an issue in our portal wherein the Content Editor is not showing in Internet Explorer. Our Article editors are having trouble editing articles as some functionalities are only available in IE. One of the example functionalities we need from Internet Explorer is that our content editors can edit tables directly from the content editor. • In IE, they can add rows and columns directly in the content editor when pressing right-click from a created table. • Whereas in Chrome and edge, they are now currently unable to do so. Upon checking with your support team, this is a browser restriction. Are you able to configure a functionality for editing tables inside the content editor of Dynamics 365 without any dependency on the browser?

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Probably that whole editor needs some work - Chrome is now blocking the Paste as Plain Text tools too. I've been using https://html-online.com/editor/ to clean up copied text and do all my editing there before copying the code into the html view.

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