Currently CE knowledge articles are displayed in an iframe and have target=_blank" programmatically added to the a attribute to open links in a new tab. Unfortunately in Chrome this doesn't work - the new tab is opened but some or all of the content fails to load. We have noticed this in links to all sorts of domains:

  • PDFs - simply fail to load completely

  • Links to other CE knowledge articles fail to load completely

  • Other web pages on the public web - sometime seem to load normally and sometimes only load parts (e.g. they fail to load stylesheets or other JS). If you then try to open a PDF in this same tab is will behave as above i.e. fail to load.

Research suggests that Chrome has had a problem with this target attribute for a long time. We can't find any fixes we can apply at our end apart from encouraging people to Ctrl+click links.

Ideas Administrator

Thank you for reaching out.

The issue seems to be an external issue (chrome specific), and or a product bug. If chrome does not have any issues with rendering other html content with this tag, please reach out to the relevant support channels as specified in Product support (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=616937).


Karthik Gangidi, PM