The actual management of intent letter in D365 didn't fit the Italian legislation.

The requirement is to:


  • Assignment of the letter of intent: assign the intent letter during shipment of goods with automatic or manual assignment, based on the shipment date, if it falls within the validity period of the letter of intent, the intent letter must be assigned.
  • Plafon erosion: the plafond eriosion must take place when the invoice is registered, checking the date of shipment of the goods.
  • Update of sales order : propose for delivered or partially delivered sales orders only those with a shipment date that falls within the validity period of the letter of intent

Italian legilastion normative reference:

For the sale of goods, the moment of carrying out the transaction for VAT purposes, takes place on the date of delivery or shipment. It is therefore the date of delivery of the goods to the recipient that identifies the moment of taxation of the operation and of tax collectability, even if the invoice can be "deferred" to the 15th of the month following the one in which the sales are made (Article 21 co. 4 DPR 633/1972)