RE: Accounts Payable For years and years, AX organizations will occasionally have open AP transactions erroneously get "stuck" as "marked for settlement" when they really should not be. Organizations have been forced to do a SQL update (database surgery) on the database table SpecTrans to fix the issue. I'd like to see Microsoft fix this issue (or provide some sort of solution (cleansing process/utility) to allow organizations to correct the situation without having to do database surgery!) Source 1: https://community.dynamics.com/ax/f/33/t/26765 Source 2: https://community.dynamics.com/ax/f/33/t/231951 We know first-hand because we used the above 2 references to do this database surgery on the SpecTrans table. It isn't right, and should be corrected. Here is what we had to do this week: select * from spectrans where REFRECID = '5637407885' --REFRECID = RECID from vendtransopen delete from spectrans where REFRECID = '5637407885' --REFRECID = RECID from vendtransopen --1 row updated
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Appreciate you taking the time to feedback. This forum is for new features enhancements request. You maybe pointing out a bug that you should log through the support channels.
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I am reaching out on a different posting you made about the inability to change the project contract after postings. Would you be willing to share your extension on allowing it to be changed? We had a user pick the wrong contract and since our hours/expenses posting is automated, we cannot fix the contract to be the correct one due to those transactions. Thank you!

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