Posting simulation is very useful, it saves time by ensuring accuracy of the invoice before being sent for approval, or posting.

In case you are using AP automation and pending vendor invoices for all types of invoices, the option to simulate posting is even more appreciated.

The feature is already available, however, after various issues encountered, we propose the following enhancements:

  1. All the simulation errors should be displayed at once (e.g. missing financial dimensions, period not open):
  2. The current system design logic is to skip other validations when the first error is found;
  3. Validation for approval check should be skipped during the simulation:
  4. Currently, the invoice simulation status is always Failed, until the review (part of the approval process) is performed;
  5. The simulate posting button shuld also be available in the pending vendor invoice form:
  6. Currently, the button is only available in the pending vendor invoice list.

Under Review