We are currently using sever side synchronization and App for Outlook to synchronize emails and contacts from CRM to Outlook.

Contacts in CRM has an owner and a set of relationship managers recorded in form of a grid on Contacts page.

When the synchronisation happens, the contact reflects in Outlook contacts of the Owner. However, as a business requirement we need to synchronise the contact with other relationship managers as well. Please suggest how we can achieve this.


  • Amy, Jack and Cody work for an IT firm named XYZ org. XYZ org has a client ABC Corp.

  • Ross works as an IT Manager in ABC Corp and is in touch with XYZ Corp.

  • Now, in XYZ Corp’s CRM, Ross is a contact and Amy is the owner of the contact. Occasionally, Jack and Cody also get in touch with Mr. Ross for some additional requirements and are maintained as Relationship Managers in CRM.

  • As a system functionality, Mr. Ross will reflect in Amy’s outlook contacts but Jack and Cody also should see him as they are also the Relationship Managers for Ross.

Suggestion: Contact should be visible in outlook of all the users with whom the contact has been shared in CRM.

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