Business scenario:

Occasionally freight vendor sends them one invoice which have voyage cost relates to different voyages and also one that is not related to voyages which is normally Freight expenses (not related to PO and Voyage, not existed in dynamics 365)

Customer will need to create the same vendor invoice journal in dynamics 365. 

Actual: Currently, they have to make the AP journal separately to show two invoices. one voucher will for the normally Freight expenses not related to PO and voyage. And the other Voucher will for the voyages. 


Expected: Customer hope there could be in one voucher the same as the freight vendor invoice which freight vendor sends to them



As per the previous Customers comments, moving from ITM to Landed Cost has in fact resulted in going backwards in this area. It would be terrific if Microsoft could prioritize bringing the functionality of Landed Cost to better represent what ITM was able to do.


Category: Transportation Management

Having this corrected would be an immense help to our Organisation, as the team is often entering multiple AP journals vouchers to process single invoice. This is particularly an issue when coding a portion to a voyage and the other part to an expense GL account.


Prior to Landed Costs we used the Inbound Transport Management Module. Applying cost to shipments had this functionality. It allowed us to process one invoice to multiple GL accounts and shipments in the same voucher. The main difference is we could follow the 'Functions', 'Select Shipment Cost' on the journal line with an account type of 'Ledger'. Where with Landed Costs you are forced to add it to a line with the account type of 'Vendor'. By adding this to the ‘Vendor’ line when you try to ‘Select Voyage Costs’ it requires you to apply the total value of the invoice to voyages. 

Moving between the modules this is one of the largest frustrations as we used to have the functionality. Processing as a result is inefficient and causing issues with our suppliers as we are showing multiple lines for the same invoices.

Category: Transportation Management