When I schedule a prod order, the system generates setup job and process job id's for every set up and run time on every operation even is the time on these is ZERO . When you , by mistake, scan one of those you get "job not found". This makes no sense. A routing setup of zero time should waste job id numbers that are printing as bar codes on the route card, opening the door for user mistakes. This should really be changed. Many customers have trouble with this.

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 Thank you for your feedback.

We need some more details to understand your suggestion better. Can you please help us by answering the following questions?

  • As I understand you have operations that should not be job managed (i.e. the jobs from those operations should not be visible on the job card terminal or device) ? If that is true, have you then considered using a Route group where job management is disabled for those operations? 



 Johan Hoffmann