There are multiple reports and documents that can be archived using Electronic Reporting jobs, such as e-invoices, SAF-T(NO), Pain.001, and others. Additionally, when using business documents or their derived versions and setting the destination as "Screen" via Workspaces > Electronic reporting > Electronic reporting destination (by adding a new reference or business document and clicking on "Settings" to enable "Screen"), a log is created within Electronic Reporting jobs when a user prints the corresponding document. For example, Run of Format mapping 'Collection letter note (Excel)', configuration 'Collection letter note (Excel)').

It's great to have a log of who printed the business documents, though the current form (Electronic Reporting jobs) may not be the most suitable place for this functionality.

I would like to propose the following development ideas:

- Create a dedicated form for logging the print status of business documents. Each record could be associated with a specific business document name, with the ability to mark and delete records

- Add an Enum to Electronic Reporting destinations, allowing users to activate or deactivate logging for print status.

- Define a new field on the Electronic Reporting jobs form for "File type," linked to ER configuration names (such as SAF-T Format (NO) and OIOUBL Sales invoice), and provide the option to mark multiple records for deletion.