Many banks require (per NACHA CTX specifications) that the addenda count field be on the 'Detail Line'. This is not currently possible in GP. Currently, it is only possible to successfully use the Addenda Count field for footer lines (batch total, file control) in the EFT File format. See KB 945955 (Q/A 16): https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/945955/guidelines-to-follow-when-you-generate-eft-files-or-eft-prenote-files It would be nice to have this feature added in an upcoming release!

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Thank you for your suggestion, we will consider this in a future release. 

Jodi Christiansen
PM, Microsoft 



Important Note - in reference to the original suggestion:

Currently, the detail + addenda count calculation field is available to be used with the following line type (essentially the footer lines):
• Batch Control
• File Control
It’s not currently possible to successfully generate a detail + addenda count in a ‘Detail Line’ for an EFT file format in GP.

The Addenda Count field only works for the ‘Addenda Line’ type. It does not work in the Detail, Batch Control, or File Control lines.

It would be nice to add the ability to add either the 'detail + addenda count' and/or the 'addenda count' fields to the Detail Line in EFT File Formats.

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