It's great to have these reference count headers for variables and user defined functions. And ... it would be super when this also becomes available for those triggers that have AL methods related to them, like:

- OnInsert, OnModifiy, OnRename and OnDelete for tables
- OnValidate for table fields

I don't know how this could be relealized, but it would be very helpful to Find All Subscribing References to Triggers.

Related github issues:
- https://github.com/microsoft/AL/issues/333
- https://github.com/microsoft/AL/issues/5453
- https://github.com/microsoft/AL/issues/2742
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2023 Release Wave 2
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for this suggestion! In 2023 Release Wave 2 Code Lens now should the reference count and you use Find all References for seeing uses (within scope) of a given trigger, system method, or trigger event subscriptions.

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