We are using Server Side Sync such that inbound emails result in either new or updated cases.

Our users now use CRM to compose emails in response to incoming client emails, where before they used Outlook connected to shared mailboxes.

The email editor in Dynamics via a browser is limited compared to a rich composition tool like Outlook. This is accepted, but to improve user experience, top of the wish list is support for embedded images when composing emails.

If a client sends an email in with an inline embedded image, Server Side Sync handles that and displays the image to the CRM user when viewing the email.

However, when composing in CRM in response to the client a user can copy and paste from their clipboard and the image even appears in the browser, but when they press send the image disappears and is not received by the client.

(It is also possible to show this happening by simply pasting an image into the text area of the email composition window, save and close and then reopen - image disappears) 

This has caused confusion between ourselves and our clients on a number of occasions.  As you can imagine, if a user can see an image in the email they are composing on the screen, they expect it to arrive at destination.

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 Thank you for your feedback.

We released this feature as part of the functionality in April 2020.

Please refer to the following link for more information: 







Yes, would help me out, so I can stop switching between outlook and Dynamics, plus thought to be able to show the images in the timeline of the case. Rather than having to open each attachment. It bugs me greatly.

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Hi, this is a great idea! We Need the same feature and I created a suggestion for this feature some days ago. Would be great if you could vote & comment on the idea so we can collect all votes in the same place. Also share it with your colleauges so we get more attention from Microsoft. Link to the idea:https://experience.dynamics.com/ideas/idea/?ideaid=53cd97e7-34a1-e811-b96f-0003ff68e07f

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this is very important to a few of my customers and is holding up a large opportunity for me. They want seamless copy and paste to Dyn email editor and easy resize options.

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* embedded images !

Category: Customer Service (Routing, SLA)