Feature "Date of VAT register" is enabled in D365. The parameter Date of VAT register filling is set to Posting date in sales tax group.

Vendor invoice journal is created with 2 lines, the first line account type is Vendor, the second line account type is Ledger.

The Date of VAT register in the second line in the vendor invoice journal is changed to an earlier date. As a result validation dialog is displayed: "VAT data has been changed. Do you want to update the rest of the lines?"

Please add another feature to disable the validation dialog. Posting date is just the default value in the field Date of VAT register and it is changed very often to a different date by the user. The Date of VAT register is important only in the line of vendor invoice journal where the sales tax is calculated, in other journal lines this date is not important, that means no update of the rest of the lines is needed.

Needs Votes