VS Code workspaces can save lauch information. Yet this is not implemented for AL. So in order to retrieve symbols in a workspace or publish out of a workspace we are still required to put a launch.json in every extension in a workspace.

This is a nuisance and in many scenarions actually not needed.

The suggestion is:
- Introduce a setting to AL (LauchConfigInWorkspace)
- Make AL aware of lauch settings in the workspace if LauchConfigInWorkspace is true
- Maintain just ONE credential cache in a workspace that is configured for this if LauchConfigInWorkspace is true
- Maintain the current behaviour if LauchConfigInWorkspace is false
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Thank you for your feedback. We have added this in minor update 2 for 2022 Release Wave 2. 

AL developers are now able to add a launch property to their code-workspace or settings.json file.
  • A workspace launch configuration overrides the launch configuration specified in the global settings.json file.
  • A local launch.json file overrides the workspace and global configuration. 
 In case that the local launch.json file doesn't contain a valid AL launch configuration, we'll try to find one in the code-workspace first, and then in the settings.json files. However, if the launch property is specified in the code-workspace file even without specifying a valid AL configuration, the global settings.json file will not be able to override it.

Your help is greatly appreciated,
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