We often use page parts to reuse a set of fields on different pages. When pageparts contain multiple groups, the groups were rendered below each other in the Windows Client. This did not give the best results, since a lot of white space was unused.

In the Webclient, the result is somewhat better, since the columns of both groups are horizontally spread accross the screen size. However, it would have been better to show the groups next to each other instead of below each other.

To put it in other words: when the groups of the page part are copied to the source page as normal groups, all renders well (next to each other). When moveing the groups to a pagepart, the rendering is applied differently (below each other).
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback. We are not considering the suggestion at this time due to the following reason: 

the suggestion is about improving the Windows client. As announced on our blog, the April '19 version of Business Central is the last to include the Dynamics NAV Windows client, and customers upgrading to the October '19 version of Business Central or later will instead choose from our portfolio of modern clients (users working with earlier versions of Business Central or Dynamics NAV are unaffected). For this reason, we will no longer be accepting suggestions for the Windows client.



Mike Borg Cardona

Program Manager, Microsoft