Using a financial dimension to tag Intercompany or group transactions can be helpful to identify revenue and cost transactions for elimination when consolidating companies or setting up elimination columns in Financial Reporting. This financial dimension (IC) works as expected for sales orders and purchase orders, as the posted revenue and cost inherit the IC-value from the vendors and the customers. But when this financial dimension (IC) is used in the Project module, it is suddenly more difficult to use this kind of tagging. The project transactions should as a main rule not be tagged with IC-dimension value as these transactions are not basis for group eliminations. The exceptions are (1) Vendor invoices from group companies to the project and (2) Project invoices to group company customers. As standard D365FO inherit dimension values Customer -> Project Contract -> Project, the IC-value defaults to the project and has to be blanked when creating the project. This is manageable. Two issues should be possible to handle with a change in inheritance/defaulting of financial values : 1. A purchase order created from a project should default with the projects financial dimension values, except for the IC-dimension which should default from the vendors financial dimension IC-value. This requires merging of dimension values in the code. 2. A project invoice should default with the project dimension values, except the IC-dimension which should default from the project contract funding source - or from the customer itself. This also requires merging of dimension values in the code. The current business logiq in D365FO does not make sense in this perspective as an Intercompany dimension behaves like any other financial dimension when using the project module. The Intercompany dimension has to be identified with a parameter trigging new functionality (1 and 2 above)

Under Review
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for the suggestion! This has been added to our roadmap and will be considered for a future release.


Kim Nelson

Program Manager, Project management and accounting