It would be useful if the fields present in Dynamics NAV 2018 or Dynamics 365 Business Central On-premise (in standard pages) are visible or selectable via In-Client designer. It is not convenient to find out some useful fields during a training. Examples: General Posting Setup (tbl 252) >Sales Line Disc. Account, Sales Inv. Disc. Account, Purch. Line Disc. Account, Sales Inv., Purch. Inv. Disc. Account etc. Thanks for support.

Ideas Administrator

Hi Roberto

Thank you for your feedback. We are not considering the suggestion as system is working as designed. 

In NAV 2018 and Business Central, we intentionally hide specific fields unless specific features are explicitly enabled. 

For example, is in Sales & Receivables Setup you set Discount Posting to No Posting, there is no reason for Sales Line Discount Account and Sales Invoice Discount Account to clutter the user interface and confuse users, when setting up General Posting Setup. Same applies for purchase Dicount Posting and many other features that need to be explicitly enabled before posting setup can be done. 

Another example is Unrealized VAT which can be enabled in General Ledger Setup. Untill this is enabled NAV 2018 and Business Central won't post unrealized VAT, hence no need to set those accounts up. Once this is enabled in VAT Posting Setup you'll find Sales and Purchase Unrealized VAT Accounts. 

If there are some fields that are missing, when features that impact posting are enabled, please file a bug for those. 

Ivan Koletic
PM, Microsoft



Ok. Thanks for clarifications.

Another question:  "Page 20 - General Ledger Entries page"  > Debit Amount, Credit Amount fields,

in the report "Book Entry - Print" 
instead the fields are visible correctly.

Would it be possible at least to make these fields visible? 

They are only visible if you open ther page from a posted document (Sales Invoice for example), not if you try to open the page from the search menu (only Anount field is visible).


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