Today there's a limitation on the size of a database backup which can be uploaded on the Asset library.
This limit is by 14.6 GB.
You only cvan find it by trying to upload a large file.
I have not found any information related to that limit on the documentation.

Our productive envrionment is currently a little bit more than 3TB big.
I have created a bacpac file of it which is 137GB.

I would like to store this file on the asset library to have all my database backups stored there.

For the moment it's not the case, I need to have an Azure storage to store this bacpac.

For me the asset library should be able to store any ind of database backup in that folder.
As its name is asset library, I would expect that I can use it as a library, today it's more a cupboard we have but for sure not a library.

I have an SR around this topic which number is 120021121003776.
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