in one of our customer projects we have the following requirement: Item A = Finished good Batch number tracked Item B = Semifinished good Bacth number tracked (Product type = Formula) Item A has Item B as a BOM-line Some customers require, that they only want to receive one unique Batch for Item A (no Problem activating "Same batch selection" in the associated Item model group for Item A) but now - and that's the question - the semifinished good (Bulk) must have even one unique Batchnumber Here is the Link to the Yammer Post https://www.yammer.com/dynamicsaxfeedbackprograms/#/threads/show?threadId=538746187153408

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Thank you for your feedback.

Currently this is not in our roadmap; however, we are tracking it and if we get more feedback and votes, we may consider it in the future.


Johan Hoffmann 





We have the same requirement at some of our customers. They should only use one batch of fabric per order. This idea should definitely be looked at for implementation into standard functionality.

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We have the same requirement at some of our customer. They need to limit the raw material picking to raw materials of 1 batch or semi-finished products of 1 batch.

Category: Production Control