it wpould be great if we could add custom constraints that will be taken into consideration in RSO.

2020 Release Wave 2
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Thanks for the feedback, this is in our long term roadmap to allow user to add constraint from their side. But just try to understand the scenario, is there particular constraint you are looking for at this moment ?



Other scenario to consider, an engineer will have a specific type of vehicle (with dimensions) to reach a service location.

For example: a service van with a specific width, height, and weight.

RSO should be able to consider these "vehicle" dimensions (constraints) in combination with actual map data to facilitate the optimal route and usage of the organization resources.

Besides width, height, and weight, you could also consider "emission" legislations. Certain cities won't even accept certain vehicles to enter if they don't comply with emission norms.

Some EU examples:

Low emission Zone - Berlin.de

Low emission zone for diesel vehicles only - City of Amsterdam

Low Emission Zone | City of Brussels

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Hello Feifei Qiu,

we want to add custom constrains on Scheduling Optimization Goal and also add custom Objectives which is based on one custom field of Resources entity.

Is it possible ?

Thanks in advance.

Category: Resource Scheduling Optimization