This is regarding payments which have been made with 100% deposit and customer is unable to return money for products which have not been picked up.
For example: 3 items – 1 is going to be picked , 2nd may be canceled and the 3rd one would like to be refunded.

The request here is to be able to refund money without picking up the items in the first place.

The reason for not able to use pick up option is that Negative inventory is not allowed and also for some customers there is not enough quantity.
Ideas Administrator

In 2021 there will be capabilities allowing users to edit partially fulfilled orders.  When these capabilities are released, users will be able to void or change/reduce quantity on unprocessed or partially processed lines.  This action results in a lowering of the order total.  When this occurs, if the order total is now lower than the available unsettled deposits, a refund amount due will be calculated and can be issued from the POS.  Please look for the "Edit Partially Fulfilled Orders" feature when it becomes available as GA - pieces of this are now in Preview only as of 10.0.14 with a current plan to move this feature to Generally Available status in version 10.0.17 which would be an April 2021 GA date.   Thank you - Holly Haines, Principal Program Manager.


this issue is very critical and caused a lot of issues i hope to release this feature soon .also there is no workaround to fix the same scenario

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