We don't have ability to have different themes for different model-driven apps in CRM. Model-driven apps inherit the look from CRM default theme. May we please have this feature included in the product update.

We have different modules/model-driven app for different CRM user departments and all of them want their own layouts. The feature will help us built the same for them.
Needs Votes



if users have several apps for several purposes, it would help them to work in the right context. As for now, it is not all too obvious, to find out for the user herself that she's working in the wrong model driven app and, therefore, unable to see or do some of the tasks. If only we could change the color, it would easier for the user (and admins) to spot when they are working in the wrong app (sometimes one user sends a link containing an appid which opens the record in the wrong app for the destination user) and this one gets stuck with something weird to her.

Category: Unified Interface