Dear Microsoft,

It would be very nice if we had the option to make mail scenarios on the Notification Recipient page on the BC admin center.

We like to monitor and follow up on our customer's updates, but we might not want notification for all their environments, perhaps exclude sandboxes.

Can you add Email Scenarios, so it's possible to add different e-mails to different environments and perhaps exclude notification for some of the environments?

Also the option to exclude/include which type of notification you want (schduele, Successfull update, failed update etc.)
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for your feedback. In 2022 wave 1 we are adding Environment Lifecycle signals to Application Insights for your environments. These signals will include the events for which we currently send out email notifications, enabling administrators to set up email notifications triggered by signals in Application Insights in the way that best meets their needs.

For example, you could only trigger notifications for selected events/environments, or group notifications for multiple environments in multiple tenants if you manage many environments.

Best regards,
Joost Bulsink, PM