The new feature network connection alerts (pop-up) found in Warehouse Management App 2.0.17 has a troublesome behavior of displaying each time the device loses network connection.


In most cases, this portable device network is achieved via a WiFi connection. If you can imagine, the network WiFi signal going in and out for just a few seconds as the WiFi device radio moves into and out of range deep within certain many warehouses, the disconnect/connect notification is quite distracting and causes many unnecessary helpdesk requests / incident cases. It's not uncommon for a device to struggle with switching to different WiFi access points or to lose cell signal for a few seconds.


Additional supporting features:

  1. 1) We need a way to set the threshold of this feature such that it can be set to a) never or b) seconds with a range of 0 to 120.
  2. This should be set per warehouse if possible and be overridden with a specific user setting.
  3. The network threshold settings should be reportable and exportable to Excel for a system wide analysis of settings.
  4. The network connection log should be easily accessible and exportable to Excel with stats for each device.

Please vote for this idea as soon as possible.

Needs Votes