Advanced Budgeting ‘budget plans’ do not adhere to the number of ‘dimensions for budgeting’ when processing/entering a budget plan line. The system will trigger the normal ‘account structure advanced rule’ beyond the dimensions selected in ‘Dimensions for budgeting’ setup. The system should follow the same logic(as Budget registry entry form) for entering budget plan lines manually and when the budget plan is sent through the workflow. This is not the case when entering a budget register line in the budget registry form, it will not validate the account structure beyond the dimensions selected in ‘Dimensions for budgeting’.

Major reason to change; Businesses are ‘forced’ to budget to the nTH dimension totally ignoring what dimensions have been selected in the ‘Dimensions for budgeting’ setup.

My developer identified the following section of code as the problem:
Class method BudgetPlan.validateLedgerDimensionsByBudgetPlan() and class method BudgetPlanLineItemLine.validateLedgerDimension() calls different account structure validation logic than the one being called during Budget register line entry.

Category: Budgeting