Our resource planner, when planning the allocations for their team, use the percentage option. On some allocations, they are requested to book a specific percentage of a resource’s availability, e.g. allocations of admin projects.

In order to ensure that the percentage is showed correctly they need to make the allocation precise down to minutes. If even one minute off, the percentage will round down, and the percentage reflected will be lower than it actually is.

The recent (2023H1) changing of the rounding rule introduces an high level of precision required from the planners, as it leaves no margin for the resource planners. They need to get, the allocations right down to the number of minutes precisely with was not the case before. 

A booking of 9.83%, is shown as 9% in the Schedule Board and not 10%. In order to show 10%, the resource planner will need to manually adjust all bookings across multiple months down to the minute - a very time-consuming task for the resource planners.


This level of precise does not provide the additional value compared to the time that the resource planner needs to spend adjusting the board to show the desired percentage. From a business perspective the new rounding rules on percentage does not make sense.



We would like the rounding as prior to the change; Where the rounding follows standard mathematical principles, hence rounding down if the digits are below 0.5 and up if equal to or above 0.5.

In case the product team wants to keep the newly introduction rules of rounding as-is, would alternative solutions be offered to accommodate the users, e.g.:

  • Customization options in settings on rounding principles
  • Showing digits on the percentage