- The problem:
We are facing a problem with the ATP calculation application in the Requested Ship Date for Sales Orders created since our e-Commerce Platform. The platform works of the D365 Retail service to create Transactions and consequently create the respective Sales Orders in our D365 Finance and Operations.
When the Sales Orders are created manually, directly from D365 F&O Sales Order creation module, the Requested Ship Date is shown as required: calculated following the ATP configuration. But orders created since the e-commerce Platform are showing the transaction date (aka. Today) as the Requested Ship Date. For the same Customer, same Product and same Inventory state.
For our e-Commerce solution we need to take advantage of the Delivery date control functionality and we don’t see this working.
As an added information, the cart adds lines in D365 Retail one of the Cart Lines fields is RequestedShipDate. Our solution is sending as null, once it is supposed to be calculated using the ATP parameters in D365 F&O.

- The suggestion:
I don’t see as a suggestion, but as a deficiency in the current solution, there is not a synergy between the operations models, in a regular e-Commerce operation aligned to a call center both sales modals should work aligned, when I said aligned, provide the same information, in our case, the same Delivery Date.
Said that, we suggest D365 Product Team incorporates the ATP calculation as part of the D365 Commerce solution, integrated with D365 F&O setup, then, in this way, the D365 clients who works with both platforms will take advantage of the synergy and will not see different results for Delivery Date independently of the component in use. As is easy to see, the proposal is beneficial for any user that works with both components, minimizing the risks of misinformation and consequently non-satisfied customers attend by the platforms.
Under Review
Ideas Administrator

Thank you for the idea!  We will consider this in our product backlog and update the status of your idea if/when it becomes a planned or completed feature!