Not all GP Project Accounting users know the amount/fee that will be billed at the time the project/budget is created, and some companies do not care to budget that. For those companies, having to add the fee to the project before being able to bill that fee is just a wasted step, which in turn is wasted time. I would like to see 2 related options added to the billing setup options:

1. Add fees on the fly (i.e.: when billing, select a fee and be able to choose to add it on the fly, just like you can for cost categories)
2. Allow the fee billing amount to exceed the budgeted fee amount

Both of these options exist for T&M cost category billing and it would be nice to see the consistency flow through all T&M project billing methods.
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Ideas Administrator

Hi Dawn, 

Great suggestion, we will look into adding this for a future release.

Jodi Christiansen
PM, Microsoft