We have the following scenario:
When creating purchase requisitions, one can only create purchase requisition for yourself (as Requester) or for people that are attached via Procurement and sourcing > Setup > Policies > Purchase requisition permissions.
This means that this functionality cannot be “disabled”, and so leading to the fact that purchase requisitions can be created by person A for anyone else in the organization.

A preparer is responsible for a department for creating the purchase requisitions in D365F&O for the employees of the department as requester. He can only select the requesters if the setup of Purchase requisition permissions is completed. Each time a new employee enters the department his employee has to be linked as requester to the preparer before this new employee can be selected on the purchase requisitions.
Because of the changes of employees in a department this takes a lot of time to maintain.

The desire is to have the behavior to be standard and as such be able to define the “purchase requisition permissions” activation yes/no.
In this way the limitation is disabled and the users with security permissions to create purchase requisition can select every employee of the company as a requester on the purchase requisition line.
Needs Votes