The "New/Plus" buttons most often confuse the clients. Ask was if the top one can be hidden and/or the bottom one.

The reason of the Question was raised that in some form you have three possibilities to create new records: on the top, on the bottom and and in subgrids under the three dots.

  • Here needs to be an improvement that for example, once you open a record the top + Button will be hidden or can be hidden by customization/configuration.
  • Enable the buttons to be customized using ribbon workbench/ ribbon editor to show and hide.
  • Using security settings with security roles to show an hide the button on a global or record based level

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Two comments.

  1. We should have an option to enable/disable the quick create button on the (model driven) app level which would apply to all users. I actually don't see a need for it at all ever on the mobile, but if we can switch it on/off easily that's fine.
  2. It seems that only a sub-set of Button's is available om mobile (eg no 'Activate' on Quote, no 'Assign') can we have some documentation for this please and the ability to add/enable buttons as requested, specifically for the mobile app. Thanks

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